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Fly Bonnets

C&C Signature's equestrian accessories line, "C&C's Filly Finery," proudly produces custom and pre-made Fly Bonnets in house. This line all started when Chloe, a professional equestrian groom, and Carly, a client at the Sales and Training barn, first became friends showing their horses together in the Jumper divisions. They loved the look and style of several custom Fly Bonnet companies, but wanted to make them their own. Carly knew how to crochet and at a horse show, they played around with how to make their perfect bonnet and developed several styles. These styles are named after various locations they show on the East Coast. 

C&C Fly Bonnets can come completely customized for your horse and your particular color scheme or you can choose your colors with one of our four sized bonnet bases. The sky's the limit and it is truly addicting to customize your own whether you plan to show or simply go for a stylish lesson or hack.

C&C's Filly Finery Fly Bonnets are handmade with durable cotton-blend sport yarn. Breathable spandex ears allow for stretch and flexibility, with the option for soundproofing. Genuine Swarovski crystals are sewn on with clear non-stretch monofilament to prevent breaking. Each bonnet has unique throat latch loops on both the left and right side to ensure placement and security during activity. All bonnet styles are available in square, round, and V-shaped.

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