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Personalized Saddle Pads

As Equestrians, one of our favorite things - besides our horses and riding - is personalizing our saddle pads!

C&C Signature's accessories line, C&C's Filly Finery, offers just that! Whether you would like your monogram, last name, horse's name, Barn logo, or something funny and cute (check out our C&C Glitter Critter Collection and our C&C Unicorn Collection!), we can put it on your saddle pad! Your design on the left and the C&C Signature or C&C's Filly Finery logo on the right!

C&C offers all designs on baby pads that are extra lightweight and breathable with a soft quilting, cushion for comfort, and a wicking material underneath. You can use our baby pads alone or under another saddle pad to keep it clean (like a half pad) - perfect for a fun hack, show ring, or cross country! Our baby pads are designed to fit most A/P and close contact saddles.

Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for designing and creating your special baby pad.


  • Spine / 25"
  • Drop / 17"
  • Material / Poly/ Cotton
  • Style / Baby Pad