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C&C Glitter Critter collection

As Equestrians, we seem to give our horses nicknames. Whether it's their Spirit Animal, their Alter-Ego, or characteristics they share with inanimate objects (lol), this collection is dedicated to two things.

Glitter and our Ponies - who may not really be ponies! C&C Signature presents our C&C Glitter Critter collection!

Need an example... My mare Holly, on her best day, is the total dark dapple grey package of a Unicorn, some days she is definitely a dragon, and her mare glares remind me of a llama face. Carly always knows when her gelding is going to NAIL IT in the show ring when he's a piranha in the cross ties beforehand and her mare's nickname is "Hippo." If you've ever seen or met Ruby, lol you would know it is totally fitting.

If you don't see a design that reminds you of your Steed, then please email me at We have many designs in works!

C&C offers all designs on baby pads that are extra lightweight and breathable with a soft quilting, cushion for comfort, and a wicking material underneath. You can use our baby pads alone or under another saddle pad to keep it clean (like a half pad) - perfect for a fun hack, show ring, or cross country! Our baby pads are designed to fit most A/P and close contact saddles. Your design on the left and the C&C Signature or C&C's Filly Finery logo on the right!

Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for designing and creating your special baby pad.


  • Spine / 25"

  • Drop / 17"

  • Material / Poly/ Cotton

  • Style / Baby Pad